Fantastic Dishes for Golf Club Restaurants

Most people may know a golf club as a country club. It’s usually owned by private individuals and accessed only on a membership basis. Although the significant sporting activity is golf, they also offer others like swimming and various tennis types. Besides a restaurant, some may have additional features like a spa or relaxation center and a gym.

Golf Club Restaurants

In country club restaurants, they offer various dishes like other regular restaurants. Most provide only breakfast, lunch, and snacks. However, some also make dinner, depending on the location and the owners. Also, like other dining establishments, they usually have specials on the menu. Before discussing some dishes, we’ll talk about two things that help to keep people interested.

I.             Spice up Your Service

Spicing up your service gives you an edge over other restaurants your customers might frequent. There are various ways to achieve that, and one is providing alternatives and healthy options. This practice ensures a broad customer base, especially as people have different eating plans, diets, and allergies. It would also help if you had on-the-go meal plans for people who’re eager to get to their activities.

That’s common and ensures that the golf club members don’t necessarily have to sit in to eat all the time. Another excellent strategy is to organize rich buffet tables at least once a month. People love buffets because it consists of a complete food variety with the freedom to serve oneself. Therefore, it could attract more guests. As they have in sports, have an avenue for giving news and updates to your existing customer base.

II.           Your Drinks Menu Is Important

In a restaurant, drinks are almost as important as the food served. That’s why many of them have a separate menu for drinks. Some restaurants even give water or coffee on the house, especially at breakfast. As much as it’s essential to offer accompanying beverages with your meals, there’s a limit to it. Hence, you must ensure the availability of a good variety of drinks.

Some Fantastic Dishes

We’ve seen some ways to boost your customer base and keep the attention of existing customers. Now we’ll discuss a few fantastic dishes to have on your menu. As mentioned earlier, most golf club restaurants offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks or desserts. Therefore, we’ll focus on these three categories of food for this discussion.

Breakfast Meals

1.    Eggs

Eggs are popular breakfast Meals, and that’s because they are an excellent source of protein. That means they provide enough energy for a day of sporting activities or work. They are quite flexible, and you can prepare them in several ways, including boiling, frying, poaching, and scrambling. You can also eat them with various things like sausage, ham, bacon, and toast.

2.    Pancakes

Pancakes are also famous for breakfast menus, and people never get tired of them, especially when they’re fluffy and delicious. There are various types and flavors of pancakes, so anyone can get whichever one they like. One beautiful thing about pancakes is that there are now healthier ingredients for making them. Therefore, people on various diets can still enjoy them.

3.    Cinnamon Rolls

Besides having plain bread rolls at breakfast, cinnamon rolls are a perfect way to start the day. They’re mostly sweet, but you can adjust the sugar content appropriately. There are various ways to make them, and they pair well with morning coffee or plain milk. You can also convert cinnamon rolls to other breakfast items and desserts like waffles or eat them with ice cream.

Lunch Meals

1.    Smoked Brisket Sandwiches

Sandwiches, especially chicken sandwiches, are a popular lunch meal at several restaurants. However, people see the smoked brisket variety as a special of BBQ places. That’s why it’s fantastic for a country club because it’ll be unexpected and attract people. As long as you have a grill and access to perfect brisket recipes, you can make excellent sandwiches.

2.    Soups and Salads

Soups and salads are typical lunches everywhere. Salads are pieces of assorted vegetables, usually with meat. However, the vegetarian variety won’t have any meat or animal products. Meanwhile, we make soups from a mixture of broth or something similar to vegetables. You can eat them alone or with something like bread. There are several types of soups and salads you can offer.

3.    Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a meal eaten typically at dinner. However, it’s known as comfort food, and we believe it makes an excellent lunch dish. You can eat it with roasted veggies, meat, or salad to make it a full meal. You can also eat it alone as it’s filling enough. Mac and cheese are not only easy to make, but it also has various recipes. That allows you to create or adopt any preferred method.

Desserts and Snacks

1.    Pies

Pies are typical desserts both on regular days and for special occasions. They consist of a dough casing containing a specific filling. This filling could be sweet like fruit pies or savory like mince pies. Other popular fillings include eggs, various meats, cheeses, nuts, or vegetable mixtures. Depending on the type of pie, they pair well with ice cream or beverages.

2.    Cake

Cakes are indispensable on many restaurants’ dessert menu. Like pies, there are numerous types of cakes. They initially made them from sugar, flour, milk, eggs, and some other ingredients. However, there are several alternatives to most of these components to accommodate people with food allergies or on specific diets. Common types include cheesecake, sponge cake, and ice cream cake.

3.    Parfaits

Parfaits are healthy snacks, and some people have them for breakfast. They typically make them with Greek yogurt, although you can use any yogurt, based on availability and preference. Parfaits consist of layers of yogurt, whipped cream, and fruit. Sometimes, they also add nuts or other toppings like granola. You can customize it and use any cream or toppings your guests prefer.

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